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Ballerina Wire Sculptures 

Steel Beauty_edited.jpg
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Steel Beauty


Graceful Steel

Mixed Media Ballerina Her Grand Reveal 2020.JPG

Her Grand Reveal




Fly Free!

Artist Statement


Born and raised in Southern California, I am a multimedia and mixed media artist.  My core focus is to use a variety of mediums to create an interesting and innovative body of work.  Pulling from my life long creative drive, I use industrial ingenuity and artistic skills to shape my ideas and concepts.  My artwork ranges from drawings, paintings, wire sculptures, to mobile sculptures. Threading materials such as twine, paint and wire throughout my work, allows me to shift perspectives and evoke emotion. This distinctive style of art highlights my individuality.


My contemporary looped and crocheted wire figures show concepts of visual perception and interactivity as they permit viewers to enter the space of the sculpture itself.  The dramatic installations “dance” as they are free-flowing art pieces.  The display of the sculptures allows the art to cast its own shadows on adjacent walls.  A four-foot ballerina, a suspended aerial acrobat, jellyfish, and a balloon poodle are examples of my wire sculptures.


My work also includes a project called, “Wiry Friends”. Wiry Friends are nine-inch wire figurines made from bendable wire, magnets are attached to the hands and feet. Activities that can be done with Wiry Friends are taking pictures while on vacation or hanging them in different areas for a fun “find me” game. The name is a play on words, "Wiry Friends" – Why are we Friends?  Answers such as, “You make me happy, you help me feel safe, or you give me something to do when I am restless” adds a deep emotional dynamic to this project. A pamphlet is in its works describing and elaborating on the concept of play and activity.


My artistic range is broad and spans across many art genres.  Recent projects include:


  • The Weight of Life:  Two art techniques are combined in one idea: a floating mobile with looped wire structures hanging and balancing at each end. The weight of life includes pieces such as “The Weight of Love”, “The Weight of Sorrow”, “The Weight of Struggle:  Confidence vs. Fear”.

  • Pain and Joy Wire Sculptures:  Figure sculptures created with wire will expose the pain or joy of body conditions; the conditions are distinguished with bright colors. For example, an ailment of the spine of the sculpture will have a red vertebra made from wire indicating back pain.  The contrary, wellness/joy, will feature fetuses in the figure in contrasting colored wire.  The heart will be in another color wire, indicating love.

While exploring the possibilities with the use of a variety of materials, my work continues to evolve as I challenge and break the boundaries of traditional art. 

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